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At FIRMAN, we feel that it’s not enough to be “as-good” as the competition, so we strive to be better in every way that matters to our customers. After conducting extensive research into what our customers really want in a portable generator our conclusions were no surprise. Our extensive research indicated you want more power, bigger fuel tanks, longer run times, and excellent customer support. We engineered our generators with these customer desires in-mind by providing independently certified, industry-leading power output. We increased our fuel tank sizes to be over 25% bigger than our competition in every category. Bigger tanks means longer run times; 12-14 hours on every gen without refueling! We also didn’t hesitate to provide an incredible 3 year warranty on all our gens, backed by our skilled service and parts department located in Phoenix, Arizona.

About Us

We didn't invent the generator, we perfected it


FIRMAN Power Equipment provides Power on Demand. Whether you are powering all of the fun stuff at your campsite or while tailgating, or keeping the lights on during a power outage at your home, you can trust your FIRMAN Generator to get the job done. Our skilled technicians located in Phoenix, AZ are available 24/7 to provide the support you need when you need it, and because we build every FIRMAN generator you can rest assured that our legendary FIRMAN three-year warranty is iron-clad. As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of portable generators we know what it takes to make an industry leading generator. In fact, for years we’ve built private label generators for well-known brands such as Rigid and Kohler. Our FIRMAN portable generators feature longer run-times, larger fuel tanks, and legendary service. To learn more about FIRMAN Power Equipment visit our about page.


FIRMAN Power Equipment is proud to offer a 3 year warranty on every generator and inverter we sell – The best in the industry! We ask that you complete the following registration information so that in the rare case you require service we will know who you are!

*Please note, our Canadian customers do not need to include their Province. For our Puerto Rican customers, please use Puerto Rico as your country.

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