FIRST - Choose The Right Gen.


  1. Determine devices you need to run simultaneously. Record Running & Additional Starting Watts requirement of all selected devices.
  2. Add the Running Watts of all selected items be run simultaneously and record that number (Total Running Watts).
  3. Identify device with Highest Additional Starting Watts requirement and record that number.
  4. Add Total Running Watts to Highest Additional Starting Watts. This would be your Total Starting Watts to power your stuff!

Your Generator should produce at least the calculated Total Starting Watts

Running Watts: The power required to continuously run an electrical device after it has already been started.

Starting Watts: The momentary surge of power required to start motor-driven products like a refrigerator. You may estimate using the following equation if Running & Starting Watts are not available.


Only motor-driven devices will require additional watts. The additional starting watts required may be estimated 1-2 x Running Watts.